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Our vision has never been to be the biggest; instead, it’s to be the fastest and the best at what we do. Our drive to be at the forefront is reflected in our entire identity. We are not afraid to explore new paths; we dare to offer solutions that are innovative and smart. A stable and secure foundation forged in the south of Swedwn has propelled us to become world leaders and experts in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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Experts in Dynamics 365 and proud nerds who are passionate about your business

We’ve been geeking out over Microsoft’s products since 2001. For over 20 years, we’ve been digitizing businesses so they can take steps closer to their dreams. We see how our solutions are the heart of the customer’s operations and how the right business solution is a significant part of their success. Our solutions make businesses grow.

Our story
Experts in Dynamics 365 and Power Platform

We love driving the development in our industry forward

Today, with over 100 employees passionate about the products we offer in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform, we have expanded our portfolio since 2018 to provide our customers with the comprehensive solutions they need. Today, we deliver most of what a company needs to perform better and achieve its dreams through our products – fulfilling what we dreamed of in 2001.

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Becoming the best in the world doesn’t happen on its own – for over 20 years, we’ve dared.

For over two decades, we’ve dared to try new things. We’ve crafted the smartest solutions using the technology that best suits the task. We’ve dared to immerse ourselves in what we excel at, and Microsoft has recognized us as the best in the world at what we do. We have always assisted companies that dare to win and want to be at the forefront in streamlining the way they work. It has made us the experts we are today.

We take pride in being experts in Microsoft Dynamics 365, providing customers with the most future-proof solutions on the market so that they can perform optimally, achieve their goals, and realize their dreams.


What is happening right now? Here we collect news about us, our products and services and our industry. But you will also find a lot of other fun.

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Our Story

The company was renamed Network and Business Solutions in 2001. A lot has happened since then and here you can read about how the journey has looked from the start to today.

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