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Microsoft Power BI

Unleash data-driven Insights with Microsoft Power BI

Power BI helps you analyze all the data in your organization. Why is sales declining? What patterns can we leverage for our procurement? Why has a product been sitting in inventory for a long time? Why are our sales representatives in southern Europe performing poorly? Power BI helps you understand.

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React in real-time

Power BI can be used in real-time, meaning that you always have access to the latest information and can react instantly to any issues.

Smarter decisions

Power BI makes it easy for users to identify trends, patterns, and issues within their business and make informed decisions based on data.

Easy to integrate

Power BI easily integrates with a variety of data sources, including Microsoft Excel, SharePoint, Salesforce, and many others, providing users with access to all their business data in one place.

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The right insights enable the opportunity to make the right decisions.

By analyzing your data and trends, you can see where you are generating revenue, identify your most profitable customers, and take control of areas that are not positively impacting your bottom line. With Power BI integrated with Business Central, you can observe trends based on your operations while visualization the data efficiently in diagrams or charts. Power BI helps you, your colleagues at the finance department, and the entire management team better understand the true meaning behind the data. With the right insights, you can collaborate cross-functionally to make efforts that contribute to the desired overall results.

Simplify with standard reports.

Analyze your data instantly with the Badger Power BI app

When you install the Power BI platform Badger, you gain access to various report packages that include standard reports for analyzing different aspects of your company instantly. With Badger Finance, Badger Sales, Badger Project, Badger Warehouse, and Badger Receivables, you receive assistance in gaining a better overview of your accounting, sales, projects, customer receivables, and inventory. After implementing your package, we will go through these reports together to ensure your understanding of them and how you can make edits if needed.

Klas Johansson, Power BI Specialist

Our “Get Started package” is the perfect entry point into BI. The majority of users begin here and gradually expand their capabilities over time!

Anton sjöstedt

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