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Dynamics 365 Business Central Start

Get up and running with Dynamics 365 Business Central in one week

Our offering to get up and running with Business Central, Business Central Start, is for companies that needs a powerful solution with smart functionality implemented in a short period of time. Scale and perform as you grow using modern technologies built on the Microsoft Cloud.

Initial price

10 000 $

Monthly license cost/user from

70 USD

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Always available in the cloud, access your business from all devices and location

Work seamlessly with other Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365 products

Our Onboarding team will help you get started quick and easy

Imagine never having to change business management again

Sky is the limit with Business Central. The basics will get you far but the possibilities are endless

What makes Business Central standout as an ERP, is that it is built to be able to fit many different companies and the challenges they have. That’s why Business Central is the ultimate ERP system. In our basic tier package, we have reduced the functionality and hence reduced risk. Our philosophy is that it’s better to start with the fundamentals and reduce risk, while knowing that the possibilities are endless.

Included in Business Central Start

General ledger

Sales tax (manual)

Sales and purchases in different currencies

Account recievables

Online/remote training

Balance sheet and income statement

Account payables

Standard reports

Working with dimensions

We help you get started and make you into an expert in your solution!

We believe in teamwork and that we achieve the best results together! Our onboarding team takes care of you from start to the finish line and have ongoing free webinars for you to become even better in the system.

Work seamlessly with all apps in Microsoft Dynamics 365

The advantage of Microsoft’s products is that everything is connected and works together seamlessly. You can create invoices and quotes in Outlook, or why not have a chatbot in Teams where check current the ledger balance? The opportunities for collaboration and productivity mean that you will not want to work in another solution again.

Get started with Business Central

This is how it works, step by step.

The concept for Business Central Start has been developed with one focus, to get you up and running quick. Even though we do most of the work, an effort from you is required to make the implementation go as smoothly as possible. Together, we ensure that your new business solution is in place as soon as possible. If you want to get a little more in-depth information, contact us!

Choose your package

Contact us to order directly or be guided to which solution that suits you.

Secure your delivery week

Book a week when we do the implementation so all preparations are in place at that time.

Implementation & training

The delivery week is here and we are carrying out the implementation. This is where data is migrated and the system is prepared for use already by the end of the week.

We also hold a basic training course with an online consultant so that you feel comfortable starting to work in the system immediately.

Your Business Central is live!

The delivery week ends with a “go live call” where we review the implementation and give you access to the system. This is also the time when we introduce you to our customer service team.

Business Central is the beating heart of any organization

Business Central Start is our packaged solution for those who want to get started with Business Central and get the basics of accounting and invoicing. We think this is the perfect step into Business Central because your use of Business Central can evolve as your business grows.

Our add-on packages

Expand your Business Central Start with the right add on

With our standardised packages, you can get started with important parts of your business faster. Choose one of our add-on packages to extend your solution more easy.

Timesheets and project management

This suits you who needs a powerful financial platform as a foundation and a complete process for timesheets approval and project management.

Initial cost

7 000 USD

Subscription billing

For those who manage contracts or invoice the same customer every month. With contract billing, you smoothly send recurring invoices directly from your business system.

Initial cost

7 000 USD

Warehousing basic

If you aren´t picking orders but still want to keep track of your inventory and the value of it, this is a basic warehouse package where you can handle a smaller warehouse.


7 000 USD

Multicompany basic

Take control of all companies and handle them from one view.

Initial cost

7 000 USD

Our add-on packages

Do you want to expand even more? We have more add-on packages to choose from

AP Scanning & Approvals

Scanning, interpretation and certificate of your supplier invoices. This package will save you time, give you control and searchability.

Initial cost

4 000 USD

Analyze with Power BI

Get started with Power BI, a powerful platform for monitoring, analysis and decision-making. Use the information that already is in your business system and transform it into insights that provide answers to how your business and customers act.

Initial cost

600 USD

Service Items basic

Developed for those of you who sell items, but where warehouse management are not handled in the system. The package is, for example, suitable for you who sell services.

Initial cost

5 000 USD

Happy customers

This is what our customers say

Visual Art is a leader in developing digital communication.

“We value the transparency of what is actually invoiced, delivered and which contacts we have with our customers. In Business Central, we can see everything in one window, thanks to the integration with Power BI.”

Newgen started in a small suit and then expanded their solution

“We chose Business Central Start and in a week we were up and running in Business Central doing our accounting. We thought the whole implementation went very well. Now we have a strong business system to expand.”

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Glad you are interested in our products! Fill out the form and we will contact you and help you move forward!

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