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Contract billing in Business Central

Do you invoice licenses, subscriptions, or other items at fixed intervals?

Minimize administration by batch processing your recurring billing. This package is designed for those who sell the same services or goods (non-inventory items) to the same customers month-to-month. A new feature is that our “Invoice with Service Items” package is included so that you can take advantage of price lists and items even when invoicing under contracts.

Initial price from

7 000 USD

Licence cost/user and month

8 USD/user

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Contract Management in Business Central


Access all customer contracts from the customer card

The Parrot App for Contracts and Recurring Invoices

Use the Parrot app for contract billing in Business Central and gain an overview of your recurring invoices. Easily see the next time you need to send your invoices and at what intervals customers are billed. The system helps you control the contract period so that you don’t create more invoices when the period has expired. Parrot is the functionality that handles all recurring billing and seamlessly integrates your contract billing with your accounting.

Streamline the invoicing of your contracts

If you invoice membership fees, contract fees, licenses, or other services, you can streamline your invoicing process by creating different agreements, contract periods, and sending multiple invoices at once to different customers. Here, you can avoid managing your contracts in separate systems and consolidate everything in Business Central, allowing your contracts to run month after month, year after year, until the contract period expires. You can easily adjust your agreements if anything changes during that time.

You’ll get started right away

Do you have data in a previous system? We assist you in migrating the data you need for your contracts. You will also receive one hour of online training where we show you how the system works, and, of course, we help you set up your first agreement.

Our onboarding team will help you get started!

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What is included

Contract repository

Contract articles

Migration of contract articles if needed

Recurring billing

Create an order or invoice from a contract

Possibility for contract-specific prices

One hour of online training

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