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Microsoft Power Apps

Elevate Your Business with Microsoft Power Apps. Simplify and create apps that work across multiple devices.

Do you want to build a mobile app for sick leave reporting at your company? Perhaps an app to quickly register potential new customers at a trade show? Microsoft Power Apps can assist you with everything from simple to more advanced challenges; the tools are here.

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Power Apps is a technology where you digitalize otherwise cumbersome work processes in apps. A challenging process could be different things in different businesses, but it’s something that’s bothersome, something you’re not sure how to solve. It could be needing an app to gather information about an internal or external event, providing participants with a positive experience as they access and find the information. Power Apps can become a place for document storage and management, or are you creating a new booking system in an app? With Power Apps, you get a platform to build exactly what you need in a simpler and smoother way using low-code.

Build Apps with Low Code.

The advantage of Power Apps is that you skip much of the difficult technical work of developing a completely standalone application. Instead, you build the software with Power Apps using so-called low-code. You quickly prototype what you want to do and connect it with data and processes from other systems and sources without having to worry about the complex technical backend.

Our Power Apps

Power Apps we use at NAB

Some things that were previously handled with paper and pencil or required a lot of administration are apps with us today. We often ask ourselves if there is any part of our everyday working life that we can make a little smarter. Here we can inspire with a couple of examples of the apps we made at NAB.

Notification of absence

Report VAB, illness or other absence. When the notification is made in the app, an out-of-office is automatically added to your calendar and an email is sent to your nearest manager.

Massage booking

Every other Friday we are spoiled with massages and we have developed an app to manage the bookings.

Personnel handbook

The personnel handbook in digital form, always in your pocket. Everything from info on benefits, various policies and general information.

Event apps (Kickoff, Christmas table etc)

When it’s time for an event, there’s a lot of logistics. We always create an app where our staff can see which hotel room they will be staying in, which activities are available and what the schedule looks like.

“There is always a process in your business to make more efficient or easier to deal with. Maybe an app is the way to do it.”


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