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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Get started with a CRM system that gives you complete control and closes deals.

Boost your sales by utilizing customer, marketing, and sales data to identify the best next steps for each customer. Collaborate seamlessly with your colleagues using Teams and Outlook for the seamless use of Microsoft’s product suite.



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Always in the cloud and accessible on any device.

Seamlessly integrate with other Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365 products.

An onboarding team to help you get started.

Benefits of Sales

Gain structure and organization in your sales.

You stand to gain a lot by structuring your sales process and ensuring that everyone in the organization works in a unified manner. Keep track of your leads, business opportunities, accounts, and contacts. Everyone who needs should easily find the history, and accessing the right information should be quick.

Unique integration with Microsoft 365.

The integration with Microsoft 365 allows you to create leads, business opportunities, accounts, and contacts directly from your Outlook. Work efficiently with Outlook and Sales without switching platforms; track incoming emails through the automatic history in Sales. Integration with Sharepoint allows you to access related uploaded documents from the Sales app.

Never miss planned customer activities.

You’ll never miss planned activities or forget those that have occurred. Using timelines accessible to all users, you can clearly see the events scheduled and those that have happened with the customer. Did your colleague talk to the customer while you were away? Now it’s no longer difficult to follow the sales process.

Get started confidently with online training.

To ensure your confidence, we offer two online training sessions. Each session lasts two hours and is conducted by one of our consultants. Here, we go through various standard flows for Sales.


Help salespeople sell and buyers buy. Learn more about Sales!

How do you manage your business opportunities? Strengthen customer relationships and sell on a larger scale by providing sales teams with better conditions through valuable sales information.

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Successful Sales Projects

Together with our clients, we have created fantastic solutions that enhance their everyday operations.

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Future IT Partner

Jesper Holmberg, Vice President, emphasizes the importance of the integration between Sales Professional and Business Central, highlighting its significant simplification of daily tasks for both the sales team and the finance department.


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