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Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Build strong customer relationships and take care of your customers when they need you the most!

Transform the customer experience by enabling handlers to solve problems faster with generative AI. With a system built for structure and order, you’ll never struggle with sorting or finding “lost” cases again.

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Always in the cloud and accessible on any device

Seamlessly integrate with other Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365 products

An onboarding team helps you get started quickly

Establish Order in Your Cases

Customer Service consolidates all emails related to the same customer, company, or contact under the customer’s account, providing you with full control over your cases. Beneath the customer profile, you can also view customer agreements, all contacts, and the case history associated with that customer. Customer Service is seamlessly synchronized with the customer profile in Business Central.

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Sync your product registry with Business Central

The unique integration between all Microsoft products makes it easier in many ways. Email directly from Dynamics or connect your product catalog in Business Central with the product register in Customer Service, with the product registers synced, you can mark up and report errors to machines so that it is clearly visible to everyone.

More benefits with Customer Service

Skip the personal dependency with case history

If you cannot see what happened in the past with your customer, you build in a way of working that is based on the right person having to be in place. All information seeking takes time and in a stressful situation it is important to be efficient. By putting all the information in Customer Service, everyone in your service team reaches the information when it is really needed.

Develop your service level

When the customer gets in touch, they are in a critical situation and it is especially important to give the customer a safe treatment and the service they need. In order to maintain an even level of service, Customer Service gives you the opportunity to make the steps in a service matter measurable, in this way it is also easier to develop the way you work and maintain a high level.

Customer Service part of Microsoft Dynamics 365

Since Customer Service is part of Dynamics 365, you easily connect your case management system with other apps from the suite. This means that your customer card in Customer Service is connected to the customer card in Business Central, Sales Professional and Marketing. Everything has one and the same registry, which contributes to a seamless user experience.


Case management
Case history
Automate cases
Put different priorities on cases – Service Level Agreement
Close integration with other Dynamics 365 products
Close integration with Microsoft 365
Email directly from the Dynamics platform

Serve your customers when they need it most.


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