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Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

Automate your entire marketing process, from creating and planning campaigns to tracking and analyzing results.

Renew your marketing with AI that smoothly segments target audiences, making it easier to create personalized content. Schedule social media posts and create advanced email campaigns.

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Opportunities in Customer Insights

Features you quickly enjoy

Create customer journey

Create customer journeys involving email campaigns, SMS, and social media posts, triggered by various user-chosen actions.

Smart Segments

Segment your customers based on various attributes, from how you have contacted them to their interactions with your business.

Integrate social channels:

Schedule posts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc., ensuring everything runs smoothly without anyone being on site.


Built-in reports and connections to Power BI make it incredibly easy to track campaign performance and gain insights.

A complete marketing platform

Customer Insights is a powerful tool where you can create mailings, events, real-time marketing, and schedule social media posts


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