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We want to help our customers achieve their dreams with smart technology.

In 2001, a group of proud IT enthusiasts gave birth to the idea of ​​helping other companies improve their operations with new technology and smart IT solutions. That was the year NAB Solutions was founded. They managed to give the company a flying start already in the first year, and NAB has continued the journey since then.

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NAB solutions our history
Network and Business Solutions

Once upon a time, there was a company that delivered everything within IT. Kind of.

We’ve been asked many times what NAB actually stands for. Today, the name is a big part of us, but it doesn’t describe as much of what we do today as it did when we started 20 years ago. NAB Solutions stands for Network and Business Solutions, where in the first years, we delivered everything from websites, hardware, and operations to Navision and IP telephony. We wanted to provide companies with everything they could need in terms of IT. So that’s how it started.

NAB Solutions Usa history
Focus on Dynamics NAV

We grew and chose to focus on Microsoft’s ERP system.

It’s difficult to be the best at everything, and we reached a point in 2011 where we felt the need to choose certain areas to focus on. We had grown from being 10 employees at the start to now having 30 employees, and we realized that in order to keep up with technological developments, we couldn’t excel at everything. We then chose to fully focus on Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Which was a good choice, because we also became the best in the world at exactly that.

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Experts in Dynamics 365 and Power Platform

We love driving innovation forward in our industry

Today, we are over 90 employees who are passionate about the products we offer within Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform. Since 2018, we have expanded our portfolio to provide our customers with the comprehensive solution they need. Today, we deliver most of what a company needs to perform better and achieve their dreams with the help of our products. This is what we dreamed of in 2001.

Being the best in the world for real

Our desire to be at the forefront, to test new technology and new solutions, has resulted in what we always strive for: to be the best at what we do. Microsoft named us the best in the world for Business Central in 2020, and we work daily to continue leading the way in what we develop and deliver.