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Overview of Multicompany basic in Business Central

A no-brainer if you manage multiple companies simultaneously

Our Multicompany basic package will save you hours every day if you are responsible for the finances of multiple companies. Imagine not having to log in to each company one by one to reconcile your figures. Multicompany basic is suitable for all businesses that operate with some form of multi-company structure, such as real estate companies or accounting firms.


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Access all companies from a single view

Overview of Multicompany basic in Business Central

A role center if you have many companies to keep track of

When you log in to Business Central, you are greeted with a role center tailored for those who manage multiple companies and their accounting simultaneously. It provides a perfect view with all companies listed in a simple list where you can easily see your key figures. How much is owed to suppliers in your various companies? How much do you have to collect in outstanding invoices? With Multicompany basic, you can easily survey your companies first and then choose the company you want to work with.

Less administration and free up time

It will make a significant difference to have the right overview when you work with multicompanies. With a more efficient workflow, you save both time, energy, and money. Why spend time on unnecessary administration when your business solution can easily handle it for you?

Now you minimize errors

It goes without saying that it’s easier to keep track of what you need to do in one company than it is in multiple ones. When you administer multiple companies, it’s easy to miss something. With a better workflow and a more comprehensive overview, you can see where you need to take action. For example, you don’t need to go into each company to search for unpaid supplier invoices; you can see them directly in the first view.

Quickly generate reports for multiple companies

An easy way to print reports from multiple companies. Are we kidding? No, we’re not. Now you can select the company and the type of report you need to print in an incredibly smooth manner.

Reports accessible from a single view:

– Customer Accounts Receivable List
– Supplier Accounts Payable List
– Balance Sheet
– Income Statement
– General Ledger
– Balance Sheet
– Customer Ageing Summary

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