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Invoice with service items

Do you sell services? Save time with our service “Invoice with service items”-package.

Developed for those who sell items but do not manage inventory, inventory tracking, and inventory valuation within the system. This package is, for example, intended for those who sell services.


5 000 USD

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Customer and Item Discounts


Templates for Accounting and VAT


Item Register and Service Items

Use templates and reduce errors in your accountingokföring

With the help of templates, you always post your transactions to the correct accounting account. Use item templates to create new service items and tax templates to manage your taxes.

Invoice your services at the right price

Get support in building a price list structure for specific customers, customer groups, with tiers, and have the ability to use different currencies. To always invoice at the right price, customer and item discounts are also managed in this package

Tracking invoices with service items can be simple

Add dimensions to items or cost centers to get a solid foundation for tracking your key metrics. If you want to take advantage of more of the package’s capabilities, there are value transactions to view sales statistics, and Power BI can be added as a tracking and decision support tool.

Do you have an item register in another system?

We can handle that. If you have an item register with price lists from before and want to migrate it to Business Central, we can assist you. Export your registers to Excel, and then we will import it for you.

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