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Timesheets and project management in Business Central

Smart time reporting and billing from Dynamics 365 Business Central

This package is for those who want a solid financial foundation and a ready-made process for time reporting, approval, project billing, and project tracking. With just one week of implementation time, you reduce both the cost and the time it takes to get started.

Initial price

7 000 USD

Monthly cost from

1 – 10 USD/user

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Project Management

Time Reporting

Absence Management

Why Timesheets and project management?

You bill for resources.
Not items.

Timesheets and project management are for those who deal with time reports to invoice customers and want a pre-packaged invoicing process for customers, as well as absence management integrated with their payroll system. Gain control over all time reports so you never miss a billable hour. Get traceability, history, and the ability to track your customer projects.

Try the Business Central phone app today

Time reporting on mobile

Business Central is available as a phone app, and you can work on your time reporting directly from your mobile device. This service is available to you if you have StreamLine Project & Time or have downloaded StoryPoint from Microsoft AppSource.

The Business Central app can be downloaded from the Windows Store, Apple Store, and Google Play.

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