“We are driving the digitization in our industry and need a cutting-edge platform.”

For Visual Art, it’s important to be at the forefront of communication digitization. ‘We want to lead our entire industry in that direction, and for us, it feels obvious that we should also have a corresponding platform internally for our business management and financial control. That made it natural for us to have a Microsoft cloud solution.

Stefan Noble, Visual Art

“We’ve had a long and very good relationship with NAB Solutions.”

“NAB has always delivered good solutions and has truly shown that they see us as a customer. So for us, it was an easy choice. That they are one of Microsoft’s largest partners and are far ahead with their cloud solutions is just a big plus. We didn’t need to look for another partner, and we could also continue with Microsoft in our systems.”

Fredrik Streby, NAB Solutions

The environment is upgraded by Microsoft, so both Visual Art’s business system and NAB’s expertise are always at the forefront.

Visual Art and NAB are both companies that like to be at the forefront of new technology. It’s one of many factors that make the collaboration so successful. Visual Art was a regular user of NAV for a long time, but as soon as the opportunity arose to go completely cloud-based in the Dynamics family with Business Central Online as the base, the step felt as natural for Visual Art as for NAB. With a change-oriented and curious corporate culture, the project from NAV to Business Central was a joy to execute.

The ability to run completely standard and to add functionality with apps makes the solution more maintenance-free and future-proof than making customizations that then need to be managed during upgrades. With Business Central Online releasing new functionality twice a year and the environment being upgraded by Microsoft, both Visual Art’s business system and NAB’s expertise are always in the driver’s seat