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What is Dynamics 365

Learn more about how Dynamics 365 digitizes your business

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a suite of products that allows you to work smarter with all parts of your business. Consolidate everything into one solution and avoid the hassle of dealing with multiple systems.

What is Dynamics 365, exactly?

Cloud-based business platform with everything you need to run a successful company.

Quick Facts about Dynamics 365

Microsoft’s Cloud-Based Business Applications

Dynamics 365 contains everything you need to run a successful business. No other suite offers such comprehensive software that seamlessly integrates. You can choose which apps you need as your business evolves, making scalability immense.

Work seamlessly with your favorites from Microsoft 365 (Office suite).

Everyone is familiar with Outlook, Excel, and Word from the Office suite, now known as Microsoft 365. As a business owner, these everyday apps seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Dynamics 365, enabling even greater efficiency. Imagine not having to leave Outlook to send an invoice or being able to ask a chatbot in Teams about the stock balance for a particular item.

Investments in the latest technology

Using Microsoft products means investing in a guarantee of significant investment in product development. Performance and AI are at the forefront for Microsoft, driving innovation and ensuring that your business apps remain world-class everyday.

Dynamics 365 is the business equivalent of Microsoft 365.

Dynamics 365 is the umbrella term for a platform where Microsoft has gathered its various business applications aimed at companies. What do companies need to perform their daily tasks? Invoicing a large number of invoices? Bookkeeping? Managing inventory? Tracking leads? Improving the sales process? Handling support issues more efficiently or gaining control over their marketing? What do companies need today but also tomorrow?

There are a thousand things companies need help with, and for each task, the solution is in one of Dynamics 365’s apps. Dynamics 365 also has an important role in making the workflow for business owners smoother by being able to connect these apps, companies never need to duplicate work.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Illustration

Build your company’s journey to success with business apps from Dynamics 365!

Here’s what it might look like when you start building your business solution. Start with Business Central to do the most necessary tasks in your business such as accounting and invoicing, and discover more parts of Business Central like inventory, production, or purchasing when there’s a need for it. Add a new app within Dynamics 365 like Sales Professional when you want to create a more clever sales process and a more synchronized sales team, and follow up your sales with the help of Power BI when your sales are going well. Add Marketing when you’ve built up your customer base and want to communicate better with both new and old customers. Then continue with more apps that open up more opportunities for a successful and modern business.

Take advantage of having Microsoft as the foundation, and it’s like a big puzzle where you place the pieces in the order that suits you.

Make it simple – Microsoft’s ecosystem gives you everything

Now, you really don’t need anything else. It feels simple and natural with Microsoft 365, doesn’t it? Why not connect it with apps from Dynamics 365? Add apps for your business to your Microsoft portfolio. Smooth, familiar, and secure. Maybe you work with Teams? Then share a view from Business Central with a colleague in Teams, and send an email directly to a customer from Customer Service. With a common foundation in Microsoft and its technology, you can share data, integrate apps, and work smarter with Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, and Power Platforms as a unit. It simplifies your work. Every day

Microsoft Dynamics 365 & Microsoft 365 illustration

4 advantages with Dynamics 365

1 – The ecosystem

It’s part of Microsoft’s ecosystem, so you can weave together and utilize the different apps and the information within them efficiently without having to transfer information manually. The synchronization happens automatically.

2 – One solution to rule them all

You can build your entire company’s journey to success within the same platform, including finance, marketing, sales, and more.

3 – Customer journey

You can construct the entire customer journey – from an inquisitive contact in Marketing to a warm lead in Sales Professional, and then to a signed and invoiced customer in Business Central. All of this without the need to switch systems.

4 – Scalability

You will not outgrow your system…

Our products

Accounting, quoting, supporting, marketing, and follow-up? With our products, you can do all that and much more.

Our products are based on Microsoft Dynamics 365, making them some of the most powerful in the world. With NAB, you create a business solution to manage all aspects of your business. Big or small, we have something for everyone.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Business Central is the beating heart of your business

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central helps your business keep pace in a constantly changing world. With Business Central, you invest in your security, both today and for the future, because the scalability is immense.

Business Central Start

The perfect kick-start product to get going in Dynamics 365 Business central.


10 000$

Business Central Print Industry

From quotation to printing, production, and accounting – all in one business solution



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Microsoft Customer Engagement

Grow your revenue by using AI and real-time insights to understand customers, personalize journeys, and close more deals.

The Customer Engagement suite gives you all the tools to make sure your clients gets the best treatment. From a potential client in Dynamics 365 Sales and Dynamics 365 Customer Insights to excellent support with Dynamics 365 Customer Service.

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Dynamics 365 Sales

Empower sales teams with automation, contextual insights, and next-generation AI. Close more deals at a faster pace.




Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

Create engaging experiences by uniting customer data with real-time journeys and Copilot in Customer Insights



customer service

Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Exceed customer expectations by delivering exceptional service on any channel. Resolve issues quickly using generative AI and automation.



Power Platform

Accelerate innovation, follow up, automate, simplify – Boost your solution with Power!

Revolutionize your operations with Microsoft Power Platform. Create custom apps, automate tasks, and gain valuable insights effortlessly.

Transform your business today with Microsoft Power Platform!

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power bi

Power BI

Turn your data into visuals with advanced data-analysis tools, AI capabilities, and a user-friendly report-creation tool.




Power Apps

Are you ready to turn your business ideas into reality? Microsoft Power Apps empowers you to create custom apps without the need for extensive coding or IT support.



power automate

Power Automate

Tired of repetitive tasks holding you back? Discover the magic of Microsoft Power Automate and watch your efficiency soar to new heights.



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