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AI in Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365

Microsoft’s AI assistant Copilot is building a new way of working

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Copilot is an AI assistant built into the Dynamics 365 platform. It is designed to enhance productivity and efficiency for various teams within the company, including sales, support, supply chain management, finance, and marketing.

Copilot AI assistant for Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365

What is Copilot?

Copilot is Microsoft’s new AI tool designed to function as your assistant within some of Microsoft’s most common applications. The purpose of Copilot is to streamline daily work using AI and make technology more accessible to end users and customers. Copilot is a generative AI that automates tasks you perform or creates content for you when requested. You are the pilot in control while having your Copilot alongside to provide information and suggestions on how to perform tasks you need assistance with.


Copilot apps for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365

Where is Copilot?

Today, Copilot is available in Microsoft 365 apps such as Word, Excel, Outlook, Teams, and PowerPoint. There, you can ask the AI assistant for advice or information on a task, and the recommendations you receive are based on the context you are in and past events. Copilot is a comprehensive initiative for Microsoft and is integrated, or slated to be integrated, into many of their products. Dynamics 365, with apps like Business Central, Sales, or Customer Insight Journeys, has its own Copilots to streamline the user’s work. Get help writing a marketing text about your products within Business Central or build segments with the help of AI when sending out communications to your customers.


How do you use Copilot?

Since Copilot understands the context it is in and bases its responses on that and past events, you’ll get a good way just by asking your question. If you want to ensure that you get an answer that is not too general, it’s good to be very specific in your question. Put the question in context and refer to a reference to help AI find the answer; you can also interact with and give Copilot feedback as you work with it.


Three things copilot can help you with

Create documents

Copilot can suggest appropriate headlines, paragraphs in Word, as well as suggest fonts, size, and color when you are creating a new document.

Translate text

With built-in translation tools, Copilot can provide suggestions for text in another language.

Gather information

Copilot can find the information you need by searching through documents and chat history based on previous search history across your various apps, files, and chats.

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