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What is Power Platform?

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What is Power Platform

Power Platform is Microsoft’s name for new, modern technology used to develop low-code solutions for everything from small to large, business-critical issues within companies. But what is low-code? We’ll explain a bit further down, but the technology itself, Power Platform, has hundreds of use cases. This means that instead of building a platform, app, process, workflow, or large IT solution in an older, more outdated technology, you can choose to replace or complement it with technology from Power Platform for a more future-proof and flexible solution.

What does PowerPlatform consist of?

Power Platform consists of five different parts: Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, Power Pages, and Power Virtual Agents, each contributing different elements when building a solution. Power Apps are used for developing web and mobile applications, Power Automate is for creating automated workflows or processes in your IT solution, while Power BI is the tool for extracting data for reporting and analysis. At NAB, we utilize Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power BI to create solutions, in addition to these, there are two more components included in Power Platform’s offering: Power Pages and Power Virtual Agents, where Power Pages are used to build secure websites for businesses and Power Virtual Agents for AI-driven chatbots that work across various channels.

What is low-code?

Low code is a relatively new term that involves faster software development without requiring extensive traditional coding. With low-code/no-code, you can streamline system development using templates, AI, and drag-and-drop functionality, making development more accessible to individuals without a programming background. It’s said that a user can build a solution independently with low-code tools, but in practice, it might be more complicated for more advanced apps. Today, you often need a provider to assist you with IT solutions built on this technology.

Advantage with Power Platform

Low code is a major advantage of the Power Platform because development here is faster, making it more cost-effective. Low code requires fewer developers and development hours, resulting in lower development costs. If you have someone knowledgeable in the field at your company, you can develop simpler solutions yourselves within your organization. Since no traditional programming is required, you never have to go in and change any source code, making your business solution easier to upgrade and modify as needed. Another advantage is that it doesn’t matter where the data is fetched from. With the Power Platform, you can fetch data regardless of the source. It’s really up to you to decide what your sandbox should look like; we’ll solve it because we have the shovel to build it.


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