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Cloud based business solutions – How to prepare cloud-migration in 10 easy steps!

Mars 12th, 2024

Making the move to a cloud based solution will be fun and exciting with the right preparations. Preparing your business for the move to a cloud based system is a strategically important process that requires detailed planning and involvement of the whole organization. Below you’ll find 10 guiding steps that will ensure a smooth migration to the cloud for your business.

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Being well prepared for changing a business system is undeniably an important part of
the project. By being educated and knowledgeable about the process of moving to a
web based business you create the best conditions for a speedy, smooth and
successful transfer.

1. Understand your current situation

Start your journey to the cloud by conducting a thorough analysis of your existing
system and the current business environment. This will help you clearly define areas of
improvements and the specific needs of your company. Later, this can be discussed
with your new partners who will provide input on how these areas can be streamlined in
your new business system!

2. Put together a dedicated project group

Put together a dedicated project group with key employees from different departments
of the company. A cross-functional team will provide a holistic view of the company’s
needs and ensure a broad understanding of the moving-process.

3. Create a well thought out implementation strategy

Create a detailed implementation plan which includes clear timelines, resource
allocation and specified milestones. Identify potential challenges and develop strategies
to manage them efficiently. The important part is having available resources during the
process since a business solution shift is extensive and must be a recognized priority
for the entire organization.

4. Adjust and integrate

If your company’s current system uses any adjusted solutions, make sure these are
seamless and compatible with your new cloud based project. Perhaps your new solution
can provide you with better, more cost effective alternatives? By making the necessary
adjustments you guarantee a seamless transition.

5. Focus on data quality and conversion

Thoroughly review and clear your current data to ensure high quality. Plan and carry out
a smooth conversion of data from the current system to your new cloud based product
to avoid loss of any important information. If your current data is of poor quality then the
data in your new system will unfortunately be faulty as well. In this case, perhaps you
should consider a fresh start instead of a migration? If you prefer a fresh start, transfer
necessary registers but leave the old data and start over!

6. Invest in user training

Make sure your employees are sufficiently prepared by providing extensive user training
for your new product. This includes familiarizing with new functions, interfaces and
understanding of improved processes. Find out if training is something your new partner
offers in the actual onboarding process.

7. Extensive tests

Before the migration to a cloud based business solution it is important to test the system
in order to discover and fix any potential issues. Involve users in the test process to get
feedback from employees and make sure the new system meets their needs.

8. Step-by-step implementation

Consider carrying out your migration in a step by step fashion in order to minimize
potential hiccups in the business. Start with smaller critical areas and examine the
results before you move on to any core processes. Discuss how your current operations
will be affected during the transfer with the partner helping you.

9. Focus on security

Examine and implement necessary security measures in order to protect the company’s
sensitive data and business information in the cloud based environment. Find out what
security applications your new product provides and what other services regarding
security your new partner offers.

10. Continuous improvement of your cloud based business system

After the implementation it is crucial to continue monitoring the system’s performance
and collect feedback from users. Be ready to make improvements and adjustments to
make sure the system continues to meet the requirements of the company in the best
way possible.

By following these steps you create the best conditions for a smooth and successful
transfer to your new online solution, while at the same time ensuring a positive and
supporting environment for your employees.

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