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Experience Your Business Intelligence

August 30th, 2023

Gain a overview that simplifies future decisions to enhance and develop your specific operations with Power BI

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Experience Your Business Intelligence

Making strategic and advantageous decisions without a solid foundation can feel like groping in the dark. But with Power BI, the light is turned on. Using Power BI as an analytical tool enhances your Business Intelligence (BI), providing clear insights into how your business functions on a holistic level. By obtaining a clear visualization of what’s going well, what’s not, or what needs to change. You gain an overview that simplifies future decisions to enhance and develop your specific operations!

What is Power BI?

Understanding Business Intelligence and Power BI might seem challenging, but the positive thing is that you don’t need to be super knowledgeable about the geekiest aspects – we’ve got that covered. Business Intelligence (BI) consists of many components that can measure and gather all the numbers and data created in a business. However, to utilize all the information about the operations that Business Intelligence (BI) collects, a BI tool is needed – like Power BI.

Power BI is Microsoft’s platform that applies Business Intelligence (BI) and compiles and visualizes all the complex numbers and data, for instance from Business Central and Excel, into clear reports that you can use to make strategic decisions.

Power BI suits all companies that want to monitor and visualize their operations, gain an overview, and make advantageous and well-informed decisions, which most companies desire. If you are already using Business Central, it’s a natural step to start leveraging Power BI as well, since both tools are part of the Microsoft family. Here are three reasons why your company should use Power BI:

Power BI is sleek!

– With Power BI, you’re not just looking at data from your operations; you’re experiencing it. With elegant statistics, such as reports and graphs, you gain control over what’s happening within the business – so you’re relieved from the headache of trying to grasp and present complex data from various sources on your own.

Power BI is convenient!

– Since Power BI is cloud-based, all the data presented can be accessed from various devices. The convenience of this allows easy sharing and scaling of materials with all employees within the company. This way, knowledge about the operations spread to all parts of the company in a straightforward manner. With Power BI, you don’t need to be a math whiz to gain a clear insight into, for example, the company’s finances.

Power BI is valuable!

– For all companies aiming to progress, staying informed is crucial. Staying informed about what’s going well, what’s not, and what can be improved. Without understanding your company’s status, knowing which decisions are right becomes an incredibly challenging task. Understanding comes from measuring the company’s data and, most importantly, being able to extract valuable information from the measured data – something that Power BI does for you.

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