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Inventory management is simplified with Business Central

February 29th, 2024

Business Central has several features that facilitate work for those in warehouse operations. Here are some examples:

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Inventory Control

A complete inventory management module that makes it easy to handle inventory processes. You can track inventory status, manage shipments, and receive goods efficiently. It’s also possible to manage inventory locations and configure them according to your needs.

Automated Processes

There are several automated processes that ease inventory management – For instance, you can set up automatic reorder points for goods so you never run out of stock. You can also use automatic invoicing to quickly generate invoices based on inventory transactions.

Inventory Management

In Business Central, there’s an inventory management module that simplifies handling inventory transactions. Here, you manage your items with features like inbound and outbound deliveries. And you can create picking documents, generate packing slips, and even manage return orders. You can also track serial numbers and batch numbers for goods, which makes it easy to manage traceability and quality control.

Analysis and Reporting

There are also a number of analysis and reporting tools that make it easy to monitor inventory status and make improvements. You can generate reports on inventory turnover rate, inventory levels, product categories, and much more. You can also use Power BI to create custom reports that suit your needs.

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