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Move Your Business to the Cloud

May 2nd, 2024

The benefits of moving your business solution to the cloud are numerous and worth reiterating periodically if you’re considering switching to an online business solution.

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With our Business Central Start, you can quickly get up and running in the cloud.

A cloud solution allows you to more easily create a system that suits your needs.

There are many advantages to choosing a cloud-based business solution, and it is worth repeating them regularly. In the cloud, you have the opportunity to scale your business solution more easily and to adapt it cost-effectively according to your needs. You can smartly add or remove functionality, users, and more. For instance, if you need to…

  • Report time – add a time reporting app.
  • Follow up – add an app like Power BI for support in follow-up.
  • Recurring billing – add a contract billing app.

And so on.

Save money and time with automatic upgrades.

With an online business solution, you will always be updated with the latest version, meaning you never get stuck in an old version. Your business solution is upgraded automatically twice a year at no extra cost, saving you both money and time. This means you get all the new improved features with each version and always have the latest on the market.

Concerned about security? The safest place for your business is in the cloud. By choosing Microsoft’s cloud products, you can trust that resources are dedicated 24/7 to maintaining the highest possible IT security for you.

Get a Complete Solution in the Cloud

Another advantage if you choose Microsoft’s cloud application Business Central is that it is part of Dynamics 365 and thus shares the same database with many other smart apps. You then connect your ERP system with apps for CRM, marketing, customer service, or follow-up, and information is synced between the applications. Smart AI technology is also built into the systems.

It doesn’t matter if you have a small or large company, the cloud is suitable for everyone. Everyone can take their business to the cloud. If you are currently using an old version of NAV or Business Central on-prem, we are experts at moving you to the cloud. We have all the tools to help you, and we have done it many times before with our clients.

Learn more about our Business Central Start package.

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