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PrintVis a complete business solution in the graphics industry

November 23rd, 2023

Get the entire flow in the same system with PrintVis!

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PrintVis a complete business solution in the graphics industry

PrintVis – everything you may need in a single solution.

A comprehensive business solution for those operating within the graphics industry. PrintVis is suitable for medium to large companies working with everything from digital printing, offset, large format, and packaging printing to labels on a roll. For those operating within the printing industry, you now together with Business Central have the entire graphics workflow, financial management, and monitoring all in one system.

From quoting, and production, to invoicing and accounting, all in the same business solution.

Does it take a long time to estimate and send out a quote? Are you losing money due to poor planning? Are resources sitting idle even when you have work to do? With PrintVis, you receive assistance in accelerating your workflows and planning production for all types of print jobs. Set up and schedule your jobs in a way that no resources, no matter where they are in the country, remain idle when capacity is available. With standard templates for common inquiries, you can also reduce the time it takes to estimate and provide a quote to the customer. Swift feedback to the customer can be crucial to retaining their interest.

With everything consolidated in one business solution, you also don’t need to spend time entering information into different systems and then synchronizing and verifying the retrieved data. Continuously working with various systems is time-consuming, makes you less agile, and hinders achieving a comprehensive overview. Moreover, it can become quite expensive in the long run.

Set the correct sales price for what you deliver.

When you’re estimating the cost of a job, PrintVis assists you in overseeing essential financial aspects such as direct cost, total cost, overhead, markup, and provides you with a competitive sales price. This is a challenge faced by many within the industry today.

Once you’ve placed your order, you automatically receive an estimate of time, capacity, and material usage. You’re presented with a proposal on how to optimize your production, and you can see where capacity, available work time, and planned production are situated. Depending on your business’s nature and the segment you operate within, there are various methods for planning your work.

PrintVis takes you from start to finish:

Inquiry – Quotation

Order – Order Confirmation

Production Order – Prepress

Planning – Production

Finishing – Packing/Emballage

Customer Delivery – Warehouse Delivery

Post-Calculation – Invoicing

Here, all the prerequisites exist to meet the challenges and demands within the graphics industry, and you can also customize the business solution to precisely fit your operations.

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