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The right business system is crucial if you want to work efficiently with multiple companies

February 15th, 2024

Working efficiently is essential when you have multiple companies. Our multi-company solution provides you with the right overview and manages all companies from a single perspective.

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Efficiently managing multiple companies.

For those grappling with administration and accounting across multiple companies, you understand the challenge of establishing an efficient workflow. How do you keep track of what needs to be done in each company and what has been accomplished? Which actions should take priority? With a wealth of information and numerous companies, the right support is crucial to streamline your daily tasks.

The key is to maintain a good overview and feel that you have control over the performance of your companies. Moreover, you must rely on your business system to be competent enough to handle a growing business with an increasing volume of data – this is essentially a necessity.

That’s why our multi-company solution is perfect for you if you manage multiple companies simultaneously:

1. A Powerful Solution That Connects Everything

Business Central is a fundamentally robust system designed for businesses ranging from simple to more complex operations. With Business Central, you can handle everything from a single transaction to millions of transactions per year, smoothly navigating between different companies within the system. It also supports both Swedish and English as languages.

There are ample opportunities to integrate Business Central with other IT solutions, making it perfect if you have surrounding systems with industry-specific information but need a strong financial engine to ensure accurate bookkeeping.

2. A System That Displays All Companies from a Single View and Login

With our multi-company solution, you not only get an overview of your companies but can also manage them from a single view. Plus, you only need ONE login. Access the key metrics you consider important from your dashboard. This way, you can easily take action when you notice any discrepancies or urgent tasks. You save a significant amount of time by not having to log into each company every time you need to reconcile or perform a task.

3. A Cloud-Based and Secure System

Today, the most secure solutions are in the cloud. With more time, money, and resources than most companies have to invest in IT security, Microsoft offers a reliable alternative. They have the resources to ensure 24/7 IT security for your cloud-based business solutions. By choosing the cloud and new technology, you future-proof your business solution while eliminating the need for in-house servers or paying for 24/7 IT support from a third-party provider.

4. Tracking That Turns Your Numbers into Gold

With the Business Intelligence tool Power BI, you can monitor all your companies in one place. Get the right data to uncover trends, identify anomalies, and discover correlations within your data. In challenging times, it’s even more critical to track your operations to ensure you’re investing in the right areas.

5. Microsoft’s $100 Billion Investment in AI

Few business systems providers can match the investments Microsoft is making in their products. They’re making significant strides in AI, aiming for it to be an integral part of their business solutions moving forward. In Business Central, the AI technology Co-pilot is already launched and ready to assist in streamlining your daily tasks.

Our multi-company solution is part of Dynamics 365.

When you choose Microsoft’s business solution, Business Central, you never have to switch systems again. You get a lot with Business Central, and you can also expand it with additional components within Dynamics 365 or Microsoft’s product portfolio to create your ecosystem. This could involve tracking, CRM, AI, or other automated workflows to streamline your operations. The interface is familiar, and it can integrate with other products from Microsoft 365, such as Outlook or Excel. Our new multi-company solution is tailored for those working with multiple companies and looking to enhance efficiency.

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