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This is Why You Should Take the Leap to the Cloud

February 8th, 2024

Curious about how a cloud-based system can enhance your business? Click in and read about some of the advantages!

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Cloud-Based Business Systems

Cloud-Based Business Systems is the clear choice for many

Working with a cloud-based business solution has become an obvious choice for many, considering the advantages that come with cloud-based systems. We already have more than half of our clients in the cloud, and an increasing number are realizing the opportunities of working online. Join the trend!

Below, we highlight a few of the many benefits of working in the cloud, as opposed to a locally installed product.

1. Scale your system as you please

With the cloud, leverage the ability to scale your business solution. Add users, remove users, add functionality, remove functionality. Customize the solution quickly and smoothly with apps that can create the platform perfect for your business.

2. Access your Business Solution anywhere

The option to access your business solution from different locations has proven invaluable, especially in recent years when the pandemic unfortunately restricted work outside the home. Even as we return to a more normal routine, the advantages of remote work persist. Make this possibility permanent with a cloud-based business solution!

3. Automatic upgrades

With Microsoft’s cloud-based ERP product, Business Central Online, you get a business solution that is upgraded twice a year at no cost by Microsoft. This means you can avoid investing time or money in long and complex upgrade projects and let someone else handle the job for you. Say goodbye to old systems that neither evolve nor meet technical standards!

4. Always work with the latest technology

Thanks to automatic upgrades, you never get stuck with outdated technology. Enjoy new improved features with each version without really having to think about it. Whether it’s changes in laws and regulations or new embedded AI technology, stay ahead and take advantage of the latest technology.

5. Security

A misconception some have is that it would be safer to manage operations and servers in-house. Cloud service providers have extensive IT security departments with larger budgets, more personnel, and generally higher expertise in IT security than a “regular” company. They have staff dedicated to maintaining the highest possible IT security, something smaller companies may not have the capability for. We believe having your business solution in the cloud is safer than managing operations and security in-house.

6. Competitive edge

With a solution in the cloud, you can create a platform with endless possibilities. In a relatively straightforward manner, you can connect all aspects of your business and create a world-class system. This means advanced solutions are not exclusive to industry giants; smaller businesses now have the opportunity to compete with similar technology at a reasonable cost.

7. Swift adaptation to the changing landscape

Because it’s easier to be mobile, flexible, and scale your system with a cloud solution, businesses can be more agile in responding to changes in their environment. You’re never stuck in something static; together with a cloud-based business solution, you can move dynamically in sync with your surroundings.

Are you interested in taking the leap? Reach out, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Sooner or later, everyone is heading to the cloud; the earlier, the less painful!

Many companies out there are still stuck on old versions of NAV or on-premise versions of Business Central. We still have a few customers left to move to the cloud. NAB was early to realize that the cloud is the future, and Business Central Online is the best business solution. Continuous updates, accessible anywhere, and fully integrated into Dynamics 365.

Carolina Edvinsson, Business Central Online BUD

Our onboarding team ensures you get started within a few weeks!

Together, we plan what we call the delivery week to ensure you get up and running quickly and securely. We stand by your side to guarantee that you feel ready when it’s time to kick off! We also have an e-learning platform to help you become experts in Business Central Online!

Mathilda Lindstrom, Business Central Onboarding

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