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Three great things about Power BI every company should know about

July 11th, 2023

We asked our Power BI specialist Emil Magnusson if he could tell us three great things about Power BI and of course he could.

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  1. The ability to perform smart analysis

By creating a data model, you build relationships within your data. This enables dynamic reports where you can easily filter, group, and navigate between different levels of your data. You can also use your data model for in-depth analysis where you can drag and drop the fields and metrics you want to examine. The data model can be used in both Power BI and Excel. Power BI caters to the need for standardized reports, in-depth analysis, and everything in between.

  1. Accessibility increases understanding within the company

Power BI helps make data accessible to more people. Instead of only you, having access to your KPIs, more people within the company can see how you are performing. “I believe it makes a huge difference in engagement and understanding of the organization when their performance is visualized in numbers,” explains Emil. Power BI is not a must-have tool for running a business, but it’s hard to live without it once it’s used. Such a significant difference does it make to have a good follow-up for your business.

  1. A living tool

I have a long experience with how happy customers are when they get started and the penny drops when they understand the tool for real and get lots of new ideas. ‘We want to look at this too, and this, and this,'” Emil says. Power BI is a living tool that can be developed together with you and your business. He concludes that the ability to customize and develop is also one of the best things about the tool.

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