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Three questions about Business Central Start

October 16th, 2023

We asked our StreamLine guidance three different questions about Business Central Start

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First up in our Business Central Start team is Mathilda!

Mathilda was asked if she could share 3 benefits of Business Central Start:

Scalable Security: One of the key benefits of Business Central Start is the security it provides. You get to acquaint yourself with Business Central through well-tested standard processes on a smaller scale initially, and then you can seamlessly grow your business system as the need arises.

– Efficient Implementation: Business Central Start offers clear and efficient implementation with pre-designed templates and easily accessible information. This streamlines the setup process, making it more straightforward and less time-consuming.

– Online Training Sessions: Business Central Start provides several online training sessions where we walk through the processes together. This support ensures that users have the knowledge and skills they need to make the most of the system.

Next in line is Charlotte!

Charlotte was asked the question, which companies are suitable for Business Central Start?

– Business Central Start is suitable for companies that can manage with a packaged solution right from the start. Of course, it’s always possible to customize your processes later if needed.

– Additionally, companies with operations in different countries can begin with Business Central to establish a consistent basic setup across their various locations.

– Because Business Central Start offers a wide selection of different packages, it fits various company types. For instance, if your company has recurring invoicing needs, combining Business Central Start with StreamLine Contract Invoicing is convenient.

– If your company has a smaller inventory where items are picked directly from the shelf, you can easily get started with Business Central Start in combination with StreamLine Inventory.

Last but not least, Fredrik!

Fredrik was asked what he thinks is the best thing about Business Central Start:

– The best thing about Business Central Start is the clarity it provides. You know exactly what
 you’re getting, what it costs, and when you’ll get it. This transparency is invaluable for businesses looking to make informed decisions about their software solutions.

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