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What is PowerApps

July 4th, 2023

With PowerApps you simply build your own apps, just the way you want them. It is a tool that allows you to create specific solutions for your needs. At NAB we can help you figure out how it works! Here are four common questions we often hear about PowerApps.

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what is powerapps

What is PowerApps?

When you read about PowerApps it can sound a bit complicated, but what is it exactly? It can be described as a tool for building applications that can assist you with specific processes that may be challenging to find support for in a pre-built business system. If you have a cumbersome process that could be simplified through digitization, PowerApps is the tool for you.

How does PowerApps work?

PowerApps is useful in unique workflows with specific problems, and it is designed to make it easier to build apps to solve these particular problems. What you do with it is simply build your own apps, just the way you want them. You can quickly build prototypes of what you want to do and connect them with data from other systems and sources, without having to worry about the complex technical part. You use low code.

Why PowerApps?

PowerApps is designed to build apps that enable the digitization of otherwise challenging processes. However, this “challenging process” can vary from company to company, which is what makes it so great! You get a platform to build exactly what you need in an easy and smooth way. The advantage of it is that you use low code and therefore avoid all the technical work of building a standalone application yourself. Instead, you build the software using the PowerApps tool and can focus on more enjoyable things like interface and functionality. You can also integrate multiple systems from both Microsoft and other sources into your app through PowerApps, which simplifies your work.

The future of PowerApps?

The answer to how the future of PowerApps looks is simply that it is the future. The technology behind the tool has been developed for many years, and the possibilities for creating individual solutions to specific problems are endless!

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