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Let Power BI help you identify negative trends before they impact your bottom line

May 23rd, 2023

In uncertain economic times, it is more important than ever to avoid unnecessary financial risks. A powerful business intelligence system like Power BI allows you to track and analyze your business’s data and helps you identify ways to enhance resource efficiency.

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In difficult economic times, strategic analysis is crucial. 

This week we will share some of the most common challenges the businesses we work with encounter when analyzing their business operations without Power BI.

1. Losing control with manual tracking of numbers 

Not being able to pinpoint trends in your business is stressful. If sales are decreasing while our revenue is increasing, why is that? Where are our costs going? How long have our goods been in stock? You may know that something is amiss, but without an end-to-end business intelligence tool, you won’t get the answers you need to lead successfully. 

Power BI tracks your data for you, and helps you visualize trends. NAB Solutions helps your team set Power BI up to track exactly the information you’re looking for and works with your team to understand it.

2. Inability to convert data into strategies 

Even with data, companies often struggle to transform it into viable strategies. Understanding the data can be challenging, especially when it’s not structured in a manner conducive to follow-up and analyze. NAB Solutions works with companies to build strategies around the data they uncover in Power BI to make your enterprise more efficient and powerful.

3. Data scattered across various systems 

Many companies employ several different systems to build their IT solutions, resulting in data distributed across numerous locations, complicating the process of forming an overall picture of the business’s health. This limits the ability to see how these disparate data points interact.

Once again, Power BI and NAB Solutions can step in to help your team set up a comprehensive system that gives you a full overview of what’s happening at your company, without any worry that you might be missing something.

Business Intelligence helps you get clear picture of your business.

If any of these challenges sound familiar to you, you might be ready to use a business intelligence (BI) system. But what is BI? Business Intelligence is a collective term for processes, methods, techniques, and computer-based tools that companies or organizations can use to better understand their business or a business area. The data that is collected and analyzed should support organizations in their decision-making by being visualized to make it easier to understand. It is an incredibly effective tool for making the right decisions. 

NAB Solutions is your partner in implementing business intelligence. Click here to learn more.

Power BI

Power BI – Business Intelligence by Microsoft

Power BI is the platform offered by Microsoft for applying Business Intelligence in a seamless manner. Here, data is processed, compiled, and visualized. You are presented with appealing reports, charts, and graphs that you analyze and use as support in your decision-making. It is a tool for both stylish and intelligent tracking, simply put.

Power BI