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PrintVis is the perfect match for you in the graphics industry

April 2nd, 2024

PrintVis is an industry-specific solution built on the Microsoft Dynamics platform, tailored to meet the unique needs of the graphics industry. By seamlessly integrating PrintVis with Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, you gain access to a robust business solution with enduring capabilities. With PrintVis, you can effectively manage specific details within graphic production, maintaining control over the entire lifecycle of print jobs, from estimation to delivery.

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For business growth, control is essential.

To drive your business successfully, it’s crucial to have a grasp of your production process, inventory management, and invoicing, preferably within a unified system. In this post, we will delve deeper into how PrintVis addresses the challenges faced in the graphics industry.

Estimation and Quotation – Save Valuable Time

PrintVis simplifies the estimation process through a user-friendly setup, allowing you to estimate various jobs using templates tailored to your common inquiries. Utilize standard templates for quotation requests; even if the quote requires different options, you can easily assemble your quote with a few clicks. Standard templates provide essential pricing information during estimation, automating the process and ensuring no crucial details are overlooked. Proper pricing with PrintVis enhances competitiveness, increasing your chances of winning orders. The system provides assistance in estimating the financial aspects of a job, including total, direct, and overhead costs, enabling you to arrive at an optimal sales price and avoid losses on undertaken jobs.

Case Management

The case manager serves as a tool to administer orders and assist daily operations, providing full insight into ongoing and completed jobs. Track deadlines, delivery dates, customer information, job history, and more. Identify jobs in the quotation stage, approved projects, and those currently in production. Assign different parts of a job to different individuals, ensuring comprehensive task management and preventing any job from falling through the cracks.

Planning and Scheduling

Save time and enhance efficiency by automating job scheduling in PrintVis. The system includes a built-in feature to automatically schedule jobs when a new order is placed, generating an optimal production flow proposal. If manual scheduling is preferred, PrintVis offers flexibility to accommodate your needs.

Inventory and Procurement

To optimize your resources and capacity, accurate forecasts of stock levels are crucial. With PrintVis, you can monitor when inventory balances are likely to drop, impacting cash flow due to items remaining in stock for extended periods. Reliable inventory information, coupled with precise forecasts, enables you to maintain stock levels for optimal operations and increased profitability. PrintVis streamlines inventory management, minimizes waste, and ensures efficient utilization of existing stock.

Calculate Costs and Invoice Intelligently

PrintVis provides comprehensive insight into both current and historical jobs. Compare quotations with actual job consumption to evaluate accuracy. Analyze job costs and profit margins, utilizing this information iteratively in your business system. With a deeper understanding of costs and influencing factors, you can enhance revenue generation. Invoicing is seamlessly integrated with estimates, consumption, and total job costs. Access the right information to effortlessly create invoices with a single click, generating them from quoted prices, final order prices, or actual job costs. The system accommodates various invoicing methods for different products, ensuring flexibility to meet diverse invoicing requirements.

Financial Management

In this realm, PrintVis offers versatile options for effective tracking, allowing easy customization to align with your operations. Seamlessly add fields, tables, and user-specific menus. Establish business rules such as payment terms or discounts for individual customers and suppliers. Analyze based on various criteria like profit, cost centers, departments, regions, products, or other relevant aspects. Share reports online or via email, keeping management, colleagues, partners, or stakeholders informed about business developments.

What Sets PrintVis Apart from Other Business Solutions?

PrintVis distinguishes itself by being on the market for over 20 years, continually developed by skilled specialists in the printing industry to meet market demands. One primary reason to choose PrintVis is the strength, security, and longevity provided by certified Microsoft products. With the backing of a resilient brand and products that have propelled companies worldwide across various industries, you can confidently choose PrintVis for your business.

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